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The Art of the Bead

is going Etsy

In an effort to streamline our business and offer you a better shopping experience, The Art of the Bead is moving to Etsy.  If you wish to purchase any of the art beads shown on this website before October 1st, please email me at

The shopping cart will not work if you try to order the usual way.

Once we have moved all the items to our Etsy site, we will announce the Etsy opening with a huge sale. Check our Facebook page for special offers.  Thank you for your interest in TAOTB!


Bead and Button

was awesome!

Thanks to the customers, Kalmbach staff and fellow exhibitors.  You all made it a fabulous show.  A great big thank you to our new artists Chris Fisher, Ema Kilroy, Susan Kaplan, Diana Mains Welte and Heather Berhendt.  The customers loved their work.  Also thanks to Susan Matych-Hager, Duane Collins and Marla James for adding more of their beautiful beads to the mix. Special thanks to Wilda Kemp for her wildly popular polyclay toggles.  It was a privilege to introduce them at the show. Until next year...

John, Chris and new artist Chris Fisher at B&B. New artists on display - you can see how much we sold in the first two days.


We hope you appreciate our artists as much as we do.  If you use an artist's bead in your design, please make sure that the name of the artist is included.  Let's give them the recognition they deserve! 

We're slowly but surely updating out website.  There will be a change in the look of the store and each artist will have their own page. The bead descriptions are streamlined and photos and bios of the artists will be available for your information.

The new email address is  You can still order while we work on the website.

Remember to like us on Facebook and check it out - Bead of the Week is back at 50% off!


Show Schedule

October 5th

Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild

Bead Bonanza

10:00 - 5:00

Southfield MI

We working on scheduling some trunk shows so check back often for updates.

Looking for something new and fun to do?

If you live in the greater Portage/Kalamazoo area, The Art of the Bead offers a fun afternoon or evening for you and your friends.  Learn how to make jewelry in the comfort of your home!

We'll bring all you need to make a piece of jewelry while offering you and your friends a great time together.

If you're interested, email us at for details.